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Side Projects

A collection of side projects that explore visual design, animations, and emerging technology


I like to sketch in my spare time. It’s an underrated tool to share and communicate ideas with other people.

Furniture Design

The goal of this project was to understand the challenges of designing a physical product. We were only allowed to use corrugated cardboard and could not use glue, tape, or adhesives to support the chair’s integrity. The design had to accommodate an adult human. Additionally, it needed to address comfort, aesthetics, durability, and other concerns that people expect chairs to meet.

Arduino Laster Tag

The purpose of this project was to create something fun using Arduino. It is a laser tag game that uses infrared sensors. The sensors are attached to the vest and the guns are remote controls. I built the hardware, programmed the laser tag software, and assembled the vest.

Graphic Design

A sample of graphic design illustrations I created for my Bloomberg capstone project.


This is a quick animation I made for IBM’s Analytics department.